What will you learn?

Cognition is a term referring to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension. In this introductory course you will learn about cognitive (mental) processes and the impact they have on ourselves, others, and the world we live in. Once you have gained a basic understanding of these processes and how they influence our cognition you will be able to identify and form a basic blueprint of your own to work off, in order to facilitate necessary change. By committing to the action of learning, you will empower yourself with the knowledge required to make an impactful positive change in your life.

  • Learn about Human Cognition & Behaviour to understand why we think, feel and behave the way we do.

  • Begin gaining an insight into how your own past experiences, beliefs, perceptions, & mindsets have shaped you into who are today.

  • Explore the many elements of your cognition with helpful & insightful Self Reflection Exercises, Questionnaires & Diagnostic Tools.

  • Progress to further sources of learning that will enable you to design your very own blueprint and action plan to facilitate cognitive change.

Your journey begins here

You have the potential in you to not only change your own physical & mental health, but to have a positive impact on the lives of those in your immediate care. Your children, your family, your friends and your community. Don't wait for change. Take charge, lean in, and set sail...